Your car’s heating and cooling systems are interconnected yet function independently. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent potential issues down the road, ensuring a comfortable journey rather than a discomforting one. With numerous components involved, pinpointing the cause of a malfunction can be challenging.

When you arrange a diagnostic inspection at Jim Grizzle Tire, our experts can identify and recommend solutions for your heating or cooling problems. These issues vary in complexity and can affect both the air conditioning and heating functionalities. It’s wise to schedule inspections at the onset of summer and winter to prevent any problems.

Common Reasons for Heating System Malfunctions

Your car’s heating system plays a vital role in maintaining a warm, cozy, and safe cabin environment during chilly weather. Comprising components like the heater core, blower motor, heater hoses, control valve, HVAC control panel, and cabin air filter, this system utilizes engine heat. If your heating system fails, potential culprits may include:

  • Low coolant levels
  • Air trapped in the coolant system
  • Malfunctioning heater core
  • Faulty thermostat


Potential A/C System Issues

In humid conditions, your vehicle’s air conditioning system ensures a cool and comfortable ride. Key components include refrigerant, compressor, condenser, receiver drier, expansion valve, evaporator, lines, and accumulator. If you encounter any of the following problems, it’s time for a visit any of our three Arkansas locations:

  • Insufficient refrigerant (resulting in cool, not cold, air)
  • Clogged or leaking condenser
  • Refrigerant cross-contamination
  • Unresponsive pressure switches
  • Damaged compressor
  • Broken belt or clutch issues
  • Accumulation of moisture and debris
  • Leaks
  • Malfunctions in the A/C control head
  • Worn or stretched serpentine belt (essential for compressor and clutch operation)

Regular annual inspections by our certified technicians can ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems. Proper maintenance not only enhances driving comfort and safety but also prevents costly major repairs.